How much do you know about wheelchairs?
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How much do you know about wheelchairs?

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How much do you know about wheelchairs?

An active wheelchair is a special means of transportation for people with mobility disabilities. In order to meet their diverse needs for daily travel and life, the design and production of wheelchairs have begun to pursue more and more lightweight, humanized, and intelligent. People who use wheelchairs have a high frequency of using wheelchairs in daily life, so it is necessary to ensure that the wheelchairs are strong and durable. Of course, in the daily handling and stacked, the wheelchair should also be easy to operate, so the design of the active wheelchair also needs to take into account the lightweight.

Here is the content list:

● What's the difference between an active wheelchair and a carbon fiber wheelchair?

● What should be paid attention to when using the wheelchair?

● Do you know the application of smart wheelchairs?

What's the difference between an active wheelchair and a carbon fiber wheelchair?

The active wheelchair has been replaced by aluminum alloy in the quest for lightness, and now carbon fiber composites are occupying the C position because of their lightweight properties. At present, most wheelchairs on the market are manual wheelchairs, which are mainly driven by human power. The lighter the weight of the wheelchairs, the easier it is to operate, which can reduce the burden on their shoulders and wrists. Carbon fiber wheelchair parts used in the electric wheelchair can reduce the weight by about 30%, can increase the battery life. Carbon fiber wheelchair accessories include large and small wheels, handwheel rim, seat, brake, backrest, cushion, footpads and leg pads, armrests and arm pads, etc. The carbon fiber wheelchair, backrest, footpads and leg pads, armrests, and armrests produced by Bosch Carbon fiber can effectively reduce the overall weight of the wheelchair, easy to operate.

What should be paid attention to when using the wheelchair?

1. Active wheelchair driving is appropriate on flat ground. When the front side encounters obstacles, make a detour to avoid driving, so as to prevent the danger of wheelchair tipping.

2. You should often check the wheelchair, regularly add lubricating oil, keep good standby is mainly careful, regular physical examination of the wheelchair, hurried carelessness.

3. When the active wheelchair is driven on sloping ground, it should be driven by the user in good physical condition and the slope of the ground is less than 10 degrees. When the incline Angle is greater than 10 degrees, it must be driven by others either uphill or downhill.

4. Pay attention to safety, enter or go out or encounter obstacles, do not use the active wheelchair to hit the door or obstacles (especially the elderly most have osteoporosis vulnerable to injury).

5. When the active wheelchair is driven by the user, please keep the uniform speed, and the driving speed should be kept within 3-5km/h.

Do you know the application of smart wheelchairs?

With the development of society and the progress of human cultural level, people, especially the disabled, increasingly need to use modern high-tech to improve their quality of life and life freedom. Every year thousands of people lose one or more of their abilities (such as walking, motor skills, etc.) as a result of traffic accidents, natural and man-made disasters, and diseases. Therefore, the research on the robot active wheelchair used to assist the disabled to walk has gradually become a hot spot, such as Spain, Italy, and other countries, the Institute of Automation Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has also successfully developed a robot wheelchair with visual and password navigation function and can stop voice interaction with people. The robot active wheelchair mainly has the functions of password recognition and speech synthesis, robot self-positioning, dynamic random obstacle avoidance, multi-sensor information integration, real-time self-compliant navigation control, and so on. The key technology of a robot active wheelchair is safe navigation. The fundamental method is to rely on ultrasonic and infrared ranging. Some also use password control. These active wheelchairs bring a lot of convenience to people's lives.

Wisking healthcare Corporation has developed a variety of active wheelchairs and conducted a large number of tests before delivery to ensure quality. These active wheelchairs are not only lightweight but also very durable. If you are in the active wheelchair business, you may want to consider our high cost-effective products.

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