Can electric wheelchairs fold?
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Can electric wheelchairs fold?

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Can electric wheelchairs fold?


When it comes to manual wheelchairs, there are both self-propelled and transit models. Transit or folding wheelchairs have smaller rear wheels and can only be pushed by a carer. These models are generally lighter in weight and can be folded to fit in the boot of a car. But the electric wheelchair, does it fold up? If you want to know, please read on.


Here is the content list:

· When do you need to choose a folding wheelchair?

· Do electric wheelchairs fold?

· What is the power of the electric wheelchair?


When do you need to choose a folding wheelchair?

The first is for short trips. If your family or you need a wheelchair, a folding wheelchair can be carried around easily in the trunk of your car. Of course, on long trips, it's not too troublesome, because if you need to carry the wheelchair on the plane, the folding wheelchair can be easily checked in. In the second case, you will find that in large tourist areas or shopping malls, there will be some folding wheelchairs, because the folding of wheelchairs is very space-saving, in a small area, a large number of wheelchairs can fit. Those wheelchairs are ideal for older people who have long walked, and most of those who use them are not disabled.


Do electric wheelchairs fold?

The answer is yes. Folding electric wheelchairs, you might think that electric wheelchairs are heavy, and they're hard to fold because of the battery, but that's not the case, because if you use aluminium alloy wheelchairs, that's a great way to reduce the weight of electric wheelchairs. So how do you fold most electric wheelchairs? Most of the pedal fold, and then fold the back of the chair, and then fold the armrests, and you reduce the volume in half. We even have a carbon fiber wheelchair that can be folded with one click of the controller.


What is the power of the electric wheelchair?

First is maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. The control system, power system, and driving power supply are superimposed on the traditional manual wheelchair. Maintenance-free lead-acid battery-powered electric wheelchair. The maintenance-free lead-acid battery with large capacity and mature technology is used as the driving power. Adopt aluminum alloy tube frame, adjustable height structure of quick disassembly handrails, 180° rotation of hanging feet, and quick disassembly structure. Adopt the latest electromagnetic brake technology, no slip up the slope, no inertia down the slope, safety first. The universal controller equipped with mature technology is more accurate in direction, make electric wheelchairs easy to drive and flexible in control.


The second is Lithium-ion electric wheelchair. The power device is superimposed on the traditional manual wheelchair, and the large-capacity lithium battery is used as the power source. The aluminum alloy tube frame and ergonomic design are adopted to realize the structure of the electric wheelchair with high strength, high bearing, lightweight, small volume, and folding at any time. Electric wheelchairs of different power all can be folded.


Foldable electric wheelchairs are more convenient for people to use than ordinary electric wheelchairs. They are of great help to the lives of patients and the disabled, just like the electronic cochlear for the deaf, which is indispensable. If you are in the electric wheelchairs business, you can consider our cost-effective products.


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