Why choose a mobility scooter?
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Why choose a mobility scooter?

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Why choose a mobility scooter?

The old people’s Four-wheels Two Seater electric mobility scooter is also known as the old electric scooter. The old-age scooter is divided into two types: 3 wheels and 4 wheels. When designing, the manufacturer does not simply apply the original two-wheeled electric bicycle configuration to the old age scooter but separately configures the special motor and control for the scooter. Device. In terms of functions, it is also different from 2-wheel electric bicycles. It is important to consider the convenience and safety of the elderly.

Here is the content list:

●What is an old people Four-wheels Two Seater electric mobility scooter?

●What is the composition of the old people’s Four-wheels Two Seater electric mobility scooter?

●What are the functions of the old people’s Four-wheels Two Seater electric mobility scooter?

●How to buy an old people Four-wheels Two Seater electric mobility scooter?

What is an old people Four-wheels Two Seater electric mobility scooter?

Elderly vehicles, also called old-age electric vehicles, old-age scooters, and old-age mopeds, are ideal vehicles for the elderly to travel outdoors. Its performance is relatively stable, the vehicle speed is slow, and the use of electricity does not require refueling, so it is also called an environmentally friendly elderly vehicle. The elderly electric vehicles use many energy sources, mainly lead-acid batteries (containing lead-acid gel batteries), nickel-hydrogen batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries. Batteries, nickel-iron batteries, lithium-ion batteries (often called lithium batteries), fuel cells, etc. The battery directly converts chemical energy into electrical energy in an electrochemical way. It does not go through the heat engine process, so it is not restricted by the Carnot cycle and has high energy conversion efficiency (40-60%); it hardly produces nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions. Strictly speaking, the real elderly electric scooter products should be evolved from the original electric wheelchairs belonging to the medical equipment category. The product design is more suitable for the driving habits of the elderly and the disabled. And the applicable crowd has expanded from the disabled group of the original electric wheelchair to the elderly with inconvenient legs and feet. The design and production of the products refer to the national standards for electric bicycles and electric wheelchairs. Some parameters are even stricter than the above two national standards. The vehicle speed is designed to be within 10 km/h. The chassis of the whole vehicle The height is 8cm, and the braking distance is within 0.5 meters. It is superior to the original electric wheelchair in all aspects. It is an evolutionary model of the electric wheelchair. It can meet the needs of the majority of elderly friends for travel and provide a more comprehensive Security.

What is the composition of the old people’s Four-wheels Two Seater electric mobility scooter?

The four-wheeled two-seater electric scooter for the elderly generally consists of four parts: battery, electric wheel hub, controller, charger, and body. For Taiwanese manufacturers that have higher requirements for safety, the overall design is based on the design concept of automobiles. The whole vehicle is generally divided into several parts such as power supply system, front axle, rear axle, controller, frame, and so on. Motor hubs are divided into brushed and toothed high-speed electric hubs (referred to as high-speed motors or sound motors), brushed and toothless low-speed electric hubs (referred to as low-speed motors or silent motors), and panting motors. Gearless program motor (program motor for short); control According to the control mode, the controller is divided into four types: full-motion, intelligent, dual control, and non-zero start. The control system consists of the main controller, instrument display, speed control handle, and brake power-off handle. Main functions: With step-less speed regulation, brake power-off protection, under-voltage protection, overcurrent protection, and other functions. According to the output plug, the charger is divided into lotus plug type, ordinary computer plug type, and special computer plug type. According to the charging performance, it is divided into ordinary online maintenance chargers and fast charging online maintenance chargers. According to the charging voltage, it is divided into 24V, 36V, and 48V.

What are the functions of the old people’s Four-wheels Two Seater electric mobility scooter?

The primary function of the old people Four-wheel Two Seater electric mobility scooter is the protection function, that is, avoiding the over-discharge of the commutation power tube and the power supply in the controller, and when the old motor is in operation, it may cause damage due to a certain fault or misoperation. The protection measures are taken by the circuit according to the feedback signal. Safety protection, discharge termination voltage protection. This refers to the voltage of the power supply. At the final stage of discharge, under load, the power supply voltage is close to the "end-of-discharge voltage", and the controller panel (or the instrument display panel) shows that the battery is insufficient, which attracts the attention of the rider and plans his own trip. When the power supply voltage has reached the end of discharge, the voltage sampling resistor will feed the shunt information into the comparator, and the protection circuit will issue instructions according to the preset program to cut off the current to protect the electronic devices and power supply; current protection, currently overrun will affect the motor and A series of components of the circuit may cause damage or even burn, which should definitely be avoided. In the control circuit, this over-current protection function must be provided, and the current will be cut off after a certain delay in the over-current.

How to buy an old people Four-wheels Two Seater electric mobility scooter?

Check the appearance of the old people’s Four-wheels Two Seater electric mobility scooter and see if the surface of the paint and electroplating parts are intact. Actually operate it again according to the manual, and check the working status of the whole vehicle. The speed adjustment transition should be smooth, without shock at the start, the wheels should be flexible, without heavy feeling, the wheel rotation sound should be soft, no abnormal noise, the brake should be moderately tight, and the brake should be reliable. Also check whether the auxiliary functions (such as power display, speed, mileage display, etc.) of the model are in a normal state. Whether the supporting accessories, charger, certificate, manual, and warranty card of the vehicle are complete. The relevant certificates required for after-sales are complete.

Do you know where to buy qualified old people Four-wheels Two Seater electric mobility scooter? Every manufacturer has the responsibility to produce scooters that meet the standards to ensure the safe travel of the elderly. Before leaving the factory, Wisking healthcare Corporation conducted a large number of connection tests on the old people Four-wheels Two Seater electric mobility scooter to ensure the quality assurance rate. If you are in the scooter business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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