Do you know about electric wheelchairs?
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Do you know about electric wheelchairs?

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Do you know about electric wheelchairs?

The fundamental difference between the electric wheelchair and the traditional electric scooter, battery car, bicycle, and other transportation tools is that the electric wheelchair has an intelligent control controller. According to the different modes of operation, there are rocker controllers, also useful head or blowing system, and other various switch control controller, the latter is mainly suitable for upper and lower limb disability of severely disabled people use. Nowadays, the electric wheelchair has become an indispensable transportation tool for the elderly and the disabled with mobility difficulties. It is applicable to a wide range of objects. As long as the user has clear consciousness and normal cognitive ability, the use of the electric wheelchair is a good choice, but it requires a certain amount of activity space.

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What are the features of an electric wheelchair?

Do you know anything about folding wheelchairs?

What are the features of an electric wheelchair?

Electric wheelchair products have many features:

1. can be upright can lie down, can stand and walk, but also become a recliner, sofa seat more comfortable.

2. Adopts international top gearbox two variable speed motor, gives the wheelchair sufficient and matching horsepower, more powerful climbing, more durable electric power

3. Equip with a variety of humanized functions, dining table, upturn handrail, double back safety belt, kneepad, adjustable headrest, larger capacity batteries.

Do you know anything about folding wheelchairs?

Folding wheelchair portable folding wheelchair have a wide range of use and functional. The old, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant women, mobility inconvenience can be used. Folding wheelchair can be folded, easy to operate, folded in the packing box when delivery, open after receiving can be used. It is the most ideal walking, accompanying tools.

Wisking healthcare Corporation has developed a wide range of optional wheelchairs and has undergone extensive testing before delivery to ensure quality. These portable wheelchairs are not only lightweight but also very durable. If you are in the elective wheelchair business, you can consider our high-cost performance products.

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