Do you know what a wheelchair handbike is?
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Do you know what a wheelchair handbike is?

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Do you know what a wheelchair handbike is?

A wheelchair handbike is generally structured with three wheels, which are transmitted by a manual device to the driving wheel to make it move. A wheelchair is an important tool for rehabilitation. It is not only a means of transportation for the physically disabled, but more importantly, it enables them to use the wheelchair to exercise and participate in social activities.

Here is the content list:

What are the characteristics of a wheelchair handbike?

What types of wheelchair handbike can be divided into?

What are the different materials used for wheelchair handbike?

What are the characteristics of a wheelchair handbike?

Because of its large wheel diameter, a wheelchair handbike can adapt to a variety of roads. It is mainly used as a long-distance transportation tool outdoors and can load and plant goods appropriately. It has the characteristics of faster driving speed and labor-saving. The user's upper limbs drive the hand-cranked tricycle in the following ways: vertical rocking, pan rocking, and push-pull. Transmission devices include chain transmission, gear transmission, and connecting rod transmission. Generally, a wheelchair handbike has a manual brake device and a ramp brake device. In addition, it can also have gear shifting and reversing devices.

A wheelchair handbike, which adds a hand-cranked drive handle based on an ordinary wheelchair. The appearance of this wheelchair handbike is similar to that of an ordinary wheelchair, the body is smaller than a tricycle, and it is relatively lighter to use. It adopts chain drive, when both hands rotate synchronously, it can realize straight travel; the differential can realize turning, and the control is flexible.

What types of wheelchair handbike can be divided into?

Mainly divided into two categories: front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. The front-wheel-drive wheelchair handbike has a simple structure and can be driven and steered with both hands or with one hand. However, this kind of wheelchair handbike has poor operational stability, and its climbing ability is worse than that of a rear-wheel-drive hand-cranked tricycle. The rear-wheel-drive wheelchair handbike is easier to operate, with less waist movement, and better climbing performance. But the transmission structure is more complicated.

What are the different materials used for wheelchair handbike?

According to the material, a wheelchair handbike can be divided into steel tube electroplating, aluminum alloy. Due to the addition of a driving device, the weight of a wheelchair handbike is about 5kg heavier than an ordinary wheelchair. The advantages of the steel tube electroplated wheelchair handbike is good toughness, slightly stronger shock absorption, and better comfort, but it is the heaviest of all materials.

Wheelchair handbike with aluminum alloy frame has the advantages of lighter weight, good repairability, moderate hardness, and strength, but because of its lighter weight, wheelchair handbike transmits vibrations to people when driving, and the comfort is not as good as that made of carbon steel. handbike.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce wheelchair handbikes that meet the standards, to ensure the safety of travel and the healthy development of the wheelchair handbike market. Wisking healthcare Corporation has conducted many tests on wheelchair handbikes before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the wheelchair handbike business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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