Do you know what is an electric wheelchair?
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Do you know what is an electric wheelchair?

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Do you know what is an electric wheelchair?

Electric wheelchairs are used for patients with spinal injury and paralysis, brain injury and paralysis, general paralysis, the elderly, the infirm, and those with limited mobility. Patients need a lot of walking exercises to restore their health, increase the number of exercises and shorten the time of each exercise, prevent patients from falling left and right when sitting, and reduce the burden of patients’ family members and their pain. It is also an ideal means of transportation.

Here is the content list:

What is the difference between an electric wheelchair and a manual wheelchair?

How to choose a lightweight wheelchair?

What is the difference between an electric wheelchair and a manual wheelchair?

Wheelchairs, as a means of transportation, can meet the needs of most people. However, users are often in a dilemma when choosing a wheelchair. Is it better to buy a manual or an electric one? Below, I will introduce the difference between a manual wheelchair and an electric wheelchair, hoping to help buyers.

Both use the same function: both are means of transportation for people with limited mobility.

The difference between an electric wheelchair and a manual wheelchair is that the electric wheelchair has an intelligent control controller. electric wheelchairs can walk automatically by manipulating the controller, and manual wheelchairs must be driven by humans to walk.

The two have different requirements for users: manual wheelchairs have no specific requirements for patients. If the patient is unable to manipulate it, it can be driven by the help of others; electric wheelchairs have certain requirements for patients, requiring users to be sane and able to operate by themselves. There is a big difference between the price of an electric wheelchair and a manual wheelchair, and an electric wheelchair of the same model is much more expensive than a manual wheelchair.

How to choose a lightweight wheelchair?

Many people pick and choose lightweight wheelchairs, and they are always afraid that they will be difficult to use and inappropriate, and it will be troublesome to return and exchange products.

Lightweight wheelchairs are medical devices, and their structure is much more complicated than manual wheelchairs. Many people will feel big when they see a bunch of terms such as brush motors and lithium batteries. You don't need to be obsessed with various professional terms. Today, I will briefly talk about three points to help you choose a suitable electric wheelchair.

1. Security. The elderly and the disabled themselves have limited mobility, and use electric wheelchairs to ensure safety is the priority. The safety design of electric wheelchairs mainly includes anti-backward wheels, seat belts, anti-skid tires, electromagnetic brakes, and differential motors.

2. Comfort. Safety is a must for all lightweight wheelchairs. Comfort mainly refers to the seat system of the wheelchair, which involves the seat width, cushion material, backrest height, and so on. It’s best if you have the conditions for a test drive. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a test drive. Unless you have a very special physical condition and have special requirements for size, the general size can meet your needs. Cushion material and backrest height, general sofa chair + high backrest are the most comfortable, and the corresponding weight will increase! So consider it according to your ideas.

3. Portability. Portability is the most important point linked to personal needs. Lightweight wheelchairs are generally convenient to fold and store, and the weight is controlled within 30kg; functional wheelchairs and long-endurance wheelchairs are relatively heavy and have low portability.

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