Do you know why more and more people choose electric wheelchairs?
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Do you know why more and more people choose electric wheelchairs?

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Do you know why more and more people choose electric wheelchairs?

The electric wheelchair is equipped with a manual control intelligent controller, which can drive the wheelchair to complete various functions such as forward, backward, steering, standing, lying down, and so on. It is a high-tech product that combines modern precision machinery, intelligent numerical control, engineering mechanics, and other fields.

Here is the content list:

How to maintain the electric wheelchair?

How can power chair wheelchairs be classified according to power?

Where can power chair wheelchairs be used?

How to maintain the electric wheelchair?

1. Electromagnetic brake: It can only break when it is electric.

2. Tires: Always pay attention to whether the tire pressure is normal. This is the most basic.

3. Chair cover and backrest: Clean the chair cover and leather backrest with warm water and diluted soapy water.

4. Lubrication and general maintenance: Always use a lubricant to maintain the electric wheelchair, but don't use too much to avoid oil stains on the floor. Maintain general maintenance from time to time, and check whether the screws and screws are secure.

5. Normally, please wipe the electric wheelchair with clean water. Avoid placing the electric wheelchair in a damp place and avoid hitting the controller, especially the rocker. When carrying the electric wheelchair, please protect the controller strictly. When the controller is exposed to food or When the beverage is contaminated, please clean it up immediately, wipe it with a cloth dampened with a diluted cleaning solution, and avoid using detergents containing powder or alcohol.

How can power chair wheelchairs be classified according to power?

It can be divided into maintenance-free lead-acid battery power chair wheelchairs and lithium battery power chair wheelchairs.

The maintenance-free lead-acid battery power chair wheelchair superimposes the control system, power system, and driving power source on the traditional manual wheelchair; the maintenance-free lead-acid battery with mature technology with large capacity is used as the driving power source. At the same time, it also uses an aluminum alloy tube frame, a quick-release armrest height-adjustable structure, a 180°rotation of the hanging feet, and a quick-release structure, and is equipped with the latest electromagnetic brake technology. It does not slide uphill and has no inertia when downhill. The gearbox of the maintenance-free lead-acid battery electric wheelchair is a two-stage variable-speed motor, which gives the wheelchair sufficient and matched horsepower, more powerful climbing, and more durable electricity.

The power device is superimposed on the traditional manual wheelchair, and the large-capacity lithium battery is used as the power source. The lithium battery electric wheelchair adopts the aluminum alloy tube frame and ergonomic design, which realizes the electric wheelchair’s high strength, high load-bearing, lightweight, small size, and Structure that can be folded at any time.

Where can power chair wheelchairs be used?

One of the applicable scenarios: residential or commercial areas with elevators

Many elderly people live in houses with elevators or on the first floor. Due to leg inconvenience, they may not go out often. With the help of electric wheelchairs, the elderly can drive them in and out freely. Go downstairs and drive to the community, and then go where you want to go. Generally, the standard for home elevators is 1.4 meters long, and the size of commercial elevators is larger, while the length of Wisking power chair wheelchairs is generally within 1.2 meters, so you can freely enter and exit the elevator.

Applicable scenario 2: Go to the vegetable farm to buy vegetables

Nowadays in urban life, grocery shopping is a very important part of the life of the elderly. The vegetable market is generally not too far from the residential building but there is still a distance. Many elderly people can walk there, but they cannot walk after buying vegetables. When you come back (who can’t walk with the vegetables or can’t walk far), if you use a Wisking power chair wheelchair, you can drive directly from your home to the vegetable market, and you can freely shuttle in the vegetable market to buy the dishes you need, and then put them in the vegetable basket. It is very convenient to drive back without any effort.

Wisking healthcare Corporation has developed many power chair wheelchairs and conducted extensive tests before leaving the factory to ensure quality. Wisking healthcare Corporation is committed to selecting high-quality fabrics, a professional design and production team, and integrating cutting-edge technology into product development, just to create perfect, trustworthy, and exquisite products. If you are in the power chair wheelchair business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

In addition, the products we provide include Active Wheelchair, etc.

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