Have you ever learned more about electric wheelchairs?
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Have you ever learned more about electric wheelchairs?

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Have you ever learned more about electric wheelchairs?

Electric wheelchair compared to the advantages of the battery car: easy operation, universal remote control, forward and backward left, and right turn, one hand can operate, and let go that stop. The electric wheelchair as the elderly or disabled people travel is a very good means of transportation. Due to the characteristics of the users, for safety reasons, the speed of most electric wheelchairs is slower than that of electric cars. So let's talk about electric wheelchairs in detail.

Here is the content list:

● What is the control system design of the electric wheelchair?

● How to buy an electric wheelchair fewer detours?

● Did you know the world's lightest wheelchair?

What is the control system design of the electric wheelchair?

The research and development of electric wheelchairs can provide effective help for people who are not good at walking, and at the same time, they can also rely on their hearts and regain their confidence in life. This design is different from the previous wheelchair design structure. On the basis of the original ordinary wheelchair, it adds an intelligent control system, which makes the mechanical structure of the wheelchair more scientific. In addition, in order to maintain its beautiful, lightweight structural characteristics, the design of the new control system cancels the application of conventional unpowered tires and sets up a solvent-free DC motor controller, and additional control keyboard, battery, and other display equipment, its power source is the lead-acid battery, a driving device for DC motor. In the setting of the above structural parts, so that wheelchair can achieve precise electronic control function.

The products we provide include Mobility Scooter, etc.

How to buy an electric wheelchair fewer detours?

There are three classifications of the electric wheelchair, is to ensure that meet the needs of various users, specific the following criteria: the first category: indoor type electric wheelchair, speed control in 4.5 km/h, general this kind of small volume, low power of the motor, also determine the range of this kind of not too far, users are mainly in indoor independently some every day. The second type: outdoor electric wheelchair, the speed is required to control at 6km/h, this kind of general volume is relatively large, the body structure is stronger than the first type, the battery capacity is also larger, the range is longer. Third category: road type electric wheelchair speed is faster, the maximum speed should not exceed 15km/h, the motor often uses high power, the tire is also thick and enlarged, generally this kind of car is equipped with outdoor lighting and steering indicator lights, to ensure the safety of road driving.

Did you know the world's lightest wheelchair?

To improve the lives of people with disabilities, Kuschall designed and developed the Kuschall Superstar wheelchair. Known as the world's lightest lightweight wheelchair due to its aeronautical materials, the company is also working with Formula One racing car manufacturers to ensure final drivability. Made of graphene, the wheelchair revolutionizes its performance compared to modern wheelchairs on the market. It's 30 percent lighter than a carbon wheelchair, but 20 percent stronger. This lightweight wheelchair provides enhanced performance and flexibility for correct posture thanks to the integrated seat cushions that also help optimize your propulsion performance. The custom backrest has the possibility of toolless adjustment, which helps to improve your comfort, and the adaptable seat position can be adjusted according to your activities. The Kuschall Superstar wheelchair frame weighs less than 1.5kg and is much more efficient. Elective wheelchair responds quickly to every action, and with road damping, users can slide anywhere effortlessly.

Wisking healthcare Corporation has developed a wide range of optional wheelchairs and has undergone extensive testing before delivery to ensure quality. These portable wheelchairs are not only lightweight but also very durable. If you are in the elective wheelchair business, you can consider our high-cost performance products.

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