How much do you know about mobility scooters?
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How much do you know about mobility scooters?

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How much do you know about mobility scooters?

Mobility scooter instead of walking is a lot of people buy a car first, when the two cars in the home, or because the license plate, restrictions or other factors, such as the travel distance is not far away, convenient family charging conditions. The electric car instead of walking becomes the first choice, and low-speed electric cars because the price is cheap, convenient and easy driving became a lot of people choose, but there are also some new products. So is the elderly scooter a compliant electric scooter? If not, how do you build a qualified mobility scooter in this segment of the market, and what are the minimum standards it should meet? Will more brands and models be entering this market in the future? Let's take a look.

Here is the content list:

● What are the functions of the mobility scooter?

● Do you know about mobility scooters for the elderly?

● Do you know handicap scooter?

What are the functions of the mobility scooter?

The two clamp-shaped handlebars on the handlebars of the elderly mobility scooter are equipped with contact switches. When braking, the switch is pushed to close or be disconnected, and the original switching state is changed. This change forms a signal that is transmitted to the control circuit, which, according to the preset program, sends out instructions to immediately cut off the base drive current, cutting off the power and stopping the power supply. Therefore, both the power tube itself and the old motor are protected, and the waste of power supply is prevented. Electric scooters also have voltage protection. Discharge termination voltage protection refers here to the voltage of the supply. When the discharge final stage, in the load state, the power supply voltage has been close to the "discharge termination voltage", the controller panel (or instrument display panel) that shows the lack of power, attracting the attention of cyclists, plan their journey. When the power supply voltage has reached the end of discharge, the voltage sampling resistor will feed the shunt information into the comparator.

Do you know about mobility scooters for the elderly?

Strictly speaking, the real mobility scooter products for the elderly should be evolved from the electric wheelchairs originally belonging to medical devices, and the design of the product is more suitable for the driving habits of the elderly and the disabled. Moreover, it applies to disabled people from the original electric wheelchairs to the elderly people with difficulty in legs and feet. Product design and production of all reference to the national standard of national electric bicycle and electric wheelchairs national standards, in terms of some parameters in the above two or even more strict national standards, design within 10 km/hour speed, vehicle chassis height in 8 cm, braking distance, within 0.5 meters from the various aspects are better than the original electric wheelchairs, It is an evolutionary and upgraded model of electric wheelchairs, which can meet the needs of elderly friends for travel, and provide more comprehensive safety protection.

Do you know handicap scooter?

With the faster and faster pace of the city, more and more people choose mobility scooters and balance vehicles in the process of travel. Because of their small size, low cost, and convenient use, handicapped scooters greatly facilitate People's Daily travel. The handicapped scooter also appeared on the market, which can also be used by the disabled, greatly improving the quality of people's life.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce standard mobility scooters to ensure the healthy development of the mobility scooter market. Wisking healthcare Corporation tests the connections of its scooters several times before they leave the factory to ensure they are up to standard. If you are engaged in the electric scooter business, you can consider our high-cost performance products.


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