How to buy an electric wheelchair?
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How to buy an electric wheelchair?

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How to buy an electric wheelchair?

There are many types of electric wheelchairs on the market. According to the material, they can be divided into the aluminum alloy, light material, and steel. For example, according to the type, it can be divided into ordinary wheelchairs and special wheelchairs. Special electric wheelchairs can be divided into leisure sports wheelchair series, electronic wheelchair Series, seat-side wheelchair series, standing-aid wheelchair series, etc. The electric wheelchair is equipped with anti-forward and anti-backward small wheels. The 8-wheel configuration ensures safe to use when standing and going uphill. It adopts the latest international top-level control system, fully automated, five-speed transmission, a maximum speed of 12KM per hour, and 360° arbitrary steering (front, rear, left, and right) Walk freely). Simple structure, strong power, electromagnetic brake (automatic braking when parking, parking on half slope).


Here is the content list:

●What are the tips for purchasing electric wheelchairs?

●How to maintain an electric wheelchair?

●What are the common failures of electric wheelchairs?


What are the tips for purchasing electric wheelchairs?

When buying a lightweight wheelchair, pay attention to the seat width: measure the distance between the hips or between the two strands when sitting down. After adding 5cm, there is a gap of 2.5cm on each side after sitting down. The seat is too narrow, it is difficult to get on and off the wheelchair, but the hip and thigh tissues are compressed; the seat is too wide, it is difficult to sit firmly, it is inconvenient to operate the wheelchair, the limbs are easy to fatigue, and it is difficult to enter and exit the gate. Seat length of an electric wheelchair: Measure the horizontal distance from the hip to the calf gastrocnemius when sitting down, and reduce the measurement result by 6.5cm. If the seat is too short, the weight will mainly fall on the sit bones, which will easily cause excessive local pressure; if the seat is too long, it will compress the popliteal area and affect the local blood circulation, and it is easy to irritate the skin. For patients with short thighs or flexion contractures of the hips and knees, it is better to use a short seat. The seat height of a lightweight wheelchair: measure the distance from the heel (or heel) to the popliteal socket when sitting down, plus 4cm. When placing the pedals, the board should be at least 5cm above the ground. If the seat is too high, the wheelchair cannot enter the table; if the seat is too low, the seat bones will bear too much weight. The seat cushion of electric wheelchair In order to be comfortable and prevent bedsores, a seat cushion should be placed on the chair of the wheelchair. Common cushions are foam rubber cushions (5-10cm thick) or gel cushions. To prevent the seat from sinking, a 0.6cm thick plywood can be placed under the cushion.


How to maintain an electric wheelchair?

Electromagnetic brake of lightweight wheelchair: It can only break when it is electric. Always pay attention to whether the tire pressure of the electric wheelchair is normal. This is the most basic. Wash the chair cover and leather backrest of the electric wheelchair with warm water and diluted soapy water. Always use a lubricant to maintain the electricity, but don't use too much to prevent the oil stains from staining the floor. Maintain general maintenance from time to time, and check whether the screws and screws are secure. Please use clean water to wipe the body of the car normally, avoid placing the lightweight wheelchair in a damp place and avoid knocking on the controller, especially the rocker; when carrying the electric wheelchair, please protect the controller strictly. When the controller is contaminated by food or beverages Please clean up immediately, use diluted cleaning fluid dampened with a cloth to wipe, avoid using abrasive or alcohol-based cleaning agents.


What are the common failures of electric wheelchairs?

The battery of a lightweight wheelchair is the key to driving. The battery of high-end electric wheelchairs has a relatively high price in the market. Therefore, in the process of using electric wheelchairs, battery maintenance is very important. The problem that the battery is prone to be that there is no way to charge and it is not durable after charging. First, if the battery cannot be charged, check whether the charger is normal, and then check the fuse. Small problems basically occur in these two places. Secondly, the battery is not durable after charging, and the battery is worn out during normal use. Everyone should know this; the battery life will gradually weaken over time, which is normal battery loss; if it occurs suddenly Endurance problems are generally caused by the excessive discharge. Therefore, in the process of using the electric wheelchair, the battery must be diligent in maintenance. In the control parts of the lightweight wheelchair, the brake is a very important part, which is closely related to the personal safety of the user. Therefore, every time you use an electric wheelchair, you must check whether the brakes are normal. The reason why the brakes often fail is caused by the clutch and the rocker. Every time you travel with a lightweight wheelchair, check whether the clutch is in the "gear ON" position, and then check whether the rocker of the controller bounces back to the middle position. If it is not for these two reasons, it is necessary to consider whether the clutch or controller is damaged, then repair it in time, and avoid using a lightweight wheelchair when the brake is damaged.


Do you know where to buy qualified electric wheelchairs? Each manufacturer has the responsibility to produce electric wheelchairs that meet the standards to ensure the safe travel of the disabled. Before leaving the factory, Wisking healthcare Corporation conducted a large number of connection tests on the electric wheelchairs to ensure the quality assurance rate. If you are in the electric wheelchairs business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.


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