Introduction to electric wheelchair
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Introduction to electric wheelchair

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Introduction to electric wheelchair

Unlike active wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs do not require the user to overuse their arms and can reduce their burden. Electric wheelchairs have many other benefits, such as a wider range of people and greater weight. If you're interested in electric wheelchairs, please read on.

Here is the content list:

· What is the operation principle of an electric wheelchair?

· What are electric wheelchairs used for?

· How to use an electric wheelchair safely?

· How many years does an electric wheelchair battery last?


What is the operation principle of an electric wheelchair?

Electric wheelchair, also called electric-powered wheelchair, motorized wheelchair, or powerchair, any seating surface with wheels affixed to it that is propelled by an electrically based power source, typically motors and batteries. Power wheelchairs use sealed lead-acid batteries (SLA). They can either be wet or dry cell batteries that have an output of 4 to 5 amps. The battery can be recharged using a standard electrical outlet when the chair is not being used. ... Rear-wheel and center-wheel drive wheelchairs are most effective on flat terrain.

What are electric wheelchairs used for?

An electric wheelchair is a device that aids in mobility. It is typically used by individuals who have a medical condition and have difficulty walking. People use power wheelchairs because they are unable to use a manual wheelchair or an electric scooter. In specific, non-profits for conditions that cause physical disabilities: People who use power wheelchairs often have a specific disease or condition that prevents them from walking. These include muscular dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, and spinal cord injuries.

How to use an electric wheelchair safely?

Hold the electric wheelchair handles firmly and tilt the chair backward using the tipper lever until the back wheels touch the curb. The front wheels should be placed on the path. Use the handles to lift and push the wheelchair forward. It is safer if the electric wheelchair can be guided down a steep slope backward by a carer.

How many years does an electric wheelchair battery last?

If you want to look at the service life of the electric wheelchair, in addition to the use of frequency, the most important thing is to look at the service life of the battery of the electric wheelchair, especially the kind of rechargeable electric wheelchair. The lifetime of a power wheelchair battery ranges from six months to two years. If reasonable use and maintenance, the service life of the electric wheelchair will be effectively extended. In addition to battery life, power wheelchairs and ordinary wheelchairs, also need to pay attention to tire wear, and uphill and downhill, on a relatively smooth surface is definitely longer than the surface is full of gravel service life.

Electric wheelchairs have many advantages over the traditional active wheelchairs, which are more convenient for disabled people. Even the great scientist Stephen Hawking, his life partners will not be short of electric wheelchairs. An electric wheelchair is a very useful invention for us human beings. If you are in the electric wheelchairs business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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