Is the folding wheelchair easy to use?
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Is the folding wheelchair easy to use?

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Is the folding wheelchair easy to use?

An electric wheelchair is based on the traditional manual wheelchair, superimposed high-performance power drive device, intelligent control device, battery, and other components, transformed and upgraded.

Here is the content list:

What are the advantages of an electric wheelchair?

What are the characteristics of a folding wheelchair?

What occasions can the folding wheelchair be used for?


What are the advantages of an electric wheelchair?

1. Wide audience. Compared with traditional wheelchairs, the powerful functions of electric wheelchairs are not only suitable for the elderly and infirm, but also suitable for severely disabling injuries. Stability, long-lasting power, and speed adjustability are the unique advantages of electric wheelchairs.

2. Convenient. The traditional push wheelchair must rely on human push and pull to move forward. If there is no one around you, you have to push the roller by yourself. Electric wheelchairs are different, as long as they are fully charged, they can be easily operated by themselves without the need for family members to accompany them all the time.

3. Environmental protection. Electric wheelchairs use electricity to start, which is more environmentally friendly.

4. Security. Electric wheelchair production technology is becoming more and more mature, and the brake equipment on the body can be mass-produced after being tested and qualified by professionals many times. The probability of losing control of electric wheelchairs is close to zero.

5. Use electric wheelchairs to enhance self-care ability. With an electric wheelchair, you can consider doing daily activities such as grocery shopping, cooking, ventilation, etc. You can do it by yourself with an electric wheelchair.

What are the characteristics of a folding wheelchair?

1. It can stand upright or lie flat, it can stand and walk, but also can be turned into a recliner, the sofa seat is more comfortable.

2. The international top gearbox two-stage variable speed motor is adopted to provide the wheelchair with sufficient and matched horsepower, which makes the climbing more powerful and the electricity more durable.

3. Equipped with a variety of humanized functions, dining table, flip-up armrests, double-back safety belts, knee pads, adjustable headrest, 40ah large-capacity battery.

4. Equipped with anti-forward and anti-backward small wheels, the 8-wheel configuration ensures safe to use when standing and climbing.

5. Adopt the latest international top-level control system, fully automated

6. Five-speed transmission, the maximum speed of 12KM per hour, 360° arbitrary steering (walking forward and backward, left and right at will).

7. Simple structure, strong power, electromagnetic brake (automatic brake when parking, parking on a half slope)

What occasions can the folding wheelchair be used for?

1. Servicing scenarios. Folding wheelchairs can be used in major shopping malls, parks, and other places. When many relatives take their elders shopping in supermarkets, they will suffer from elders’ waist soreness, leg pain, and tired legs and feet after a while. The body design of the folding wheelchair is fully considered. The characteristics of middle-aged and elderly people, easy to take, easy to use, comfortable to ride, and convenient to implement, provide convenience for middle-aged and elderly people to travel.

2. Entertainment scenes. Folding wheelchairs are used in scenic spots, nearby ecological parks, and other places. Normally, the places in scenic spots are relatively large, and middle-aged and elderly people will inevitably suffer from physical exhaustion and physical discomfort after playing. If you have a folding wheelchair, you can give middle-aged and elderly people a relatively comfortable rest space and relieve physical strength.

Wisking healthcare Corporation has developed many folding wheelchairs and conducted extensive tests before leaving the factory to ensure quality. Wisking healthcare Corporation is committed to selecting high-quality fabrics, a professional design and production team, and integrating cutting-edge technology into product development, just to create perfect, trustworthy, and exquisite products. If you are in the folding wheelchair business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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