What is an electric wheelchair?
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What is an electric wheelchair?

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What is an electric wheelchair?

The electric wheelchair is based on the traditional manual wheelchair, superimposed high-performance power drive device, intelligent operating device, battery, and other components, transformed and upgraded. A new generation of intelligent wheelchairs with artificially operated intelligent controllers that can drive the wheelchair to complete forward, backward, steering, standing, lying, and other functions. It is a high-tech combination of modern precision machinery, intelligent numerical control, and engineering mechanics Technology Products.

Here is the content list:

l The basic concept of electric wheelchair

l Product features of electric wheelchair

l Functional classification of electric wheelchairs

The basic concept of electric wheelchair

The fundamental difference from traditional electric scooters, battery scooters, bicycles, and other transportation tools is that power wheelchairs have intelligent operating controllers. According to the different operation methods, there are rocker-type controllers, and controllers controlled by various switches such as the head or blowing and suction system. The latter is mainly suitable for severely disabled people with upper and lower limbs. Nowadays, electric wheelchairs have become an indispensable means of transportation for the elderly and the disabled. They are suitable for a wide range of objects. As long as the user has a clear consciousness and normal cognitive abilities, the use of electric wheelchairs is a good choice, but it requires a certain amount of space for activities.

Product features of electric wheelchair

The power wheelchair is driven by a lithium battery, can be recharged, is small in size, light in weight, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. The lithium battery power wheelchair can be pushed, cranked, or driven by hand, and the foldable frame can be changed at will, which is easy to store and transport. The electric wheelchair intelligently operates the joystick, which can be controlled by both left and right hands. The armrests of the electric wheelchair are also lifted, and the pedals can be adjusted and removed. Use PU solid tires, waterproof and breathable cushion backrest, and seat belts. Five-speed adjustments, in-situ zero radii 360° turn at will. Strong climbing ability, anti-backward tail wheel design. The power wheelchair has a high safety factor and has intelligent electromagnetic brakes and manual brakes.

Functional classification of electric wheelchairs

The power wheelchair can stand upright or lie flat, stand and walk, and can be turned into a recliner, and the sofa seat is more comfortable. The electric wheelchair adopts the international top gearbox two-stage variable-speed motor, which provides the wheelchair with sufficient and matched horsepower, more powerful climbing, and more durable electricity; the power wheelchair is equipped with a variety of humanized functions, including a dining table, upturning armrests, and double-back seat belts. , Knee pads, adjustable headrest, 40ah large-capacity battery. The latest standing and reclining technology products of the electric wheelchair increase the freedom of movement of the legs, and the latest technology products of standing and reclining increase the freedom of movement of the legs.

Today, power wheelchair technology has been well developed. And the degree of self-intelligence is very high, gradually tending towards the unification of international standards. Wisking healthcare Corporation has developed a variety of different power wheelchairs and conducted a lot of tests before leaving the factory to ensure the quality. If you are in the electric wheelchair business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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