What is the role of a wheelchair handbike?
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What is the role of a wheelchair handbike?

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Manual operation handbikes are small indoor and outdoor transportation tools for the disabled and those with mobility difficulties. Existing wheelchairs, especially manual operation handbike used by the physically disabled and the elderly, are mostly manual operation handbike. Because the wheelchair itself has no power, the actual use often requires the assistance of others, which is deeply inconvenient. In order to promote convenient travel for the disabled, wheelchair handcarts play an important role.

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●Wheelchair trolley assembly requirements


Following the changes in market demand from time to time, many medical equipment industries continue to develop, and the design and functions of wheelchairs for the disabled are being improved from time to time. Therefore, the wheelchair equipment used in the family is more and more advanced. The new generation of electric wheelchair handcarts is a means of transportation for the disabled and infirm. The nursing bed is powered by a battery and driven by a DC motor. It has the characteristics of stable speed, simple operation, no pollution, and low noise. However, it takes a long time to supplement the power (charging) (6-8 hours), and the driving interval on a single charge is short (normally 30-50 kilometers), which is suitable for outdoor short-distance use.


A wheelchair handbike is added with a hand-cranked drive handle on the basis of an ordinary wheelchair. The appearance of this kind of manual operation handbike is similar to that of an ordinary wheelchair, the body is smaller than a tricycle, and it is relatively lighter to use. It adopts chain drive, when both hands rotate synchronously, it can realize straight travel; the differential can realize turning, and the control is flexible.

Wheelchair trolley assembly requirements

After the wheelchair is assembled, all rotating and moving parts should move evenly and flexibly, with proper clearance, and there should be no jamming or slack. The wheel rim (rim) of the manual operation handbike should meet the requirements of QB1802, the spokes and bars should meet the requirements of QB/1888, and the tires should meet the requirements. The spokes of each wheel should be adjusted evenly, and the heads of the spokes are not allowed to protrude beyond the mother. The radial runout and end run out of the assembled rim (rim) should be less than 4mm, the radial run out of the hand ring should be less than 10mm, and the end runout should be less than 5mm. The transmission mechanism should have good coordination, the meshing of the chain and the sprocket should be properly tightened, and there should be no chain drop during transmission, and there should be no chain biting sound. Fold-able wheelchairs should be folded, expanded flexibly, and not too loose or too tight. The footrest of a fold-able wheelchair should be easy to flip, and should not fall by itself after being turned up; the angle between the footrest and the foot bracket should be 80 degrees to 90 degrees after the footrest is turned down, and there should be no sagging inside.

Wisking healthcare Corporation conducted a large number of connection tests on manual operation handbike before leaving the factory, and the quality assurance rate was guaranteed. If you are in the manual operation handbike business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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