Do you know anything about mobility scooters?
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Do you know anything about mobility scooters?

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Do you know anything about mobility scooters?

The maximum load of mobility scooter can reach 220kg, and users can find their own scooter. Some older people use mobility scooters because they do not require as much manpower as wheelchairs and are not too fast and safe.Then, let's introduce in detail the mobility scooter.


Here is the content list:

· What is the history of a mobility scooter?

· Are there disadvantages of mobility scooters?

· How are mobility scooters controlled?


What is the history of a mobility scooter?

The first crude mobility scooter was introduced in 1954 and was billed by Sears as an electric wheelchair, but it had more in common with mobility scooter with its large seat, extra-large battery capacity, and three-wheel design. It was not a commercial success.Early mobility scooter use lead-acid batteries, an iron frame, an external type of motor, and the belt drive, although smaller than electric bicycle light, but not portable, its important progress is folded. it is a combination of lightweight, compact, evolved into the compact light small folding electric scooter, widely aroused the concern of the city users .By now, it has evolved into a scooter for different scenarios, such as handicap scooters.


Are there disadvantages of mobility scooters?

While a mobility scooter eliminates much of the manual strength problems of an unpowered wheelchair, its tiller steering mechanism still requires upright posture, shoulder and hand strength, and some upper-body mobility and strength, although the delta tiller goes some way to alleviate these constraints. The arm-rest mounted controller typical of powerchair designs may be more suitable for many users. Scooters also have fewer options for body support, such as head or leg rests. They are rarely designed for ease of patient transfer from seat to bed.Other drawbacks include longer length, which limits their turning radius and ability to use some lifts or wheelchair-designed access technologies such as kneeling bus lifts. The longer length may also make it difficult to reach door-opener buttons or doorknobs. Some mobility scooter has low ground clearance which can make it difficult to navigate certain obstacles, such as traveling in cities without proper curb cuts (aka dropped curbs). Navigating in restricted spaces, whether in the home or in public spaces and buildings, can also be a problem.As a handicapped scooter, if the user is too heavy, or carries too much material, mobility scooter’s distance and speed are both problems.


How are mobility scooters controlled?

Mobility scooters are driven using the thumb or fingers pushing or pulling a lever. Some models are driven by pushing the lever with the thumb, whilst others are driven by pulling the lever with the fingers, like a bicycle brake. If you use it as an electric vehicle, turning the handlebars, it's like driving a four-wheel car.


In any case, mobility scooters have huge advantages, both as handicap scooters and cargo transporters. Even if there are some shortcomings, but also the merits of the outweigh, completely acceptable.If you are in the mobility scooter business, you can consider our cost-effective products.


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