Do you know the advantages of carbon fiber wheelchairs?
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Do you know the advantages of carbon fiber wheelchairs?

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Do you know the advantages of carbon fiber wheelchairs?

At present, active wheelchair is the basic use for disabled people to carry out sports activities. It is more suitable for young disabled people who like sports. They have strength and skills.


Here is the content list:

What are the advantages of carbon fiber materials for wheelchairs?

Where can carbon fiber wheelchair be used?


What are the advantages of carbon fiber materials for wheelchairs?

Traditional wheelchairs use steel materials. Later, due to the need for lightweight, aluminum alloy materials gradually replaced steel materials. Today, with its performance advantages far superior to aluminum alloy materials, carbon fiber composite materials have become more ideal materials for active wheelchair accessories.

The structural components of an active wheelchair include large and small wheels, handwheels, brakes, seat seats, cushions, backrests, guard board, etc. Carbon fiber composite materials are currently mainly used in accessories such as guard board, foot pedal, back panel, base plate, hand push ring, and frame. Most of these accessories can be adjusted in height. The carbon fiber composite material is easy to assemble with the active wheelchair through a mechanical connection. The most important thing is that the overall weight of the active wheelchair has been significantly reduced after the use of carbon fiber composite materials. High-frequency components have also become more robust and durable.

In the future, as our country's population gradually enters an aging state, the demand for wheelchairs is increasing, and high-end demand will also increase by a larger proportion. High-quality, lightweight carbon fiber composite materials will be more used in the manufacture of active wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs.


Where can carbon fiber wheelchair be used?

1. Public scenes. The carbon fiber wheelchair can be used in hospitals, public medical places, and other places. In the outpatient department of the hospital, there are a large number of patients, but it is not easy for middle-aged and elderly people who are too old. There are many old people in hospitals and other medical outpatient clinics. When queuing up for medical consultation, it is helpful for relatives to take care of middle-aged and elderly people in this situation. Secondly, it is also conducive to caring for other people who are unwell and need wheelchairs.

2. Rehabilitation activity scene. Carbon fiber wheelchairs can be used in elderly activity centers, rehabilitation medical centers, and other places. Not only doctors but also relatives in the whole process of accompanying interaction and communication, carbon fiber wheelchair can also play a supporting role.

Wisking healthcare Corporation has developed many carbon fiber wheelchairs and conducted extensive tests before leaving the factory to ensure quality. Wisking healthcare Corporation. is committed to selecting high-quality fabrics, a professional design and production team, and integrating cutting-edge technology into product development, just to create perfect, trustworthy, and exquisite products. If you are in the carbon fiber wheelchair business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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