Do you know what is an active wheelchair?
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Do you know what is an active wheelchair?

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Do you know what is an active wheelchair?

Active wheelchairs are designed to be versatile and adjustable to a busy and active lifestyle; therefore, they're available in many varieties and types such as ultra-light, folding, rigid, and even sports active wheelchairs. For most normal people, an active wheelchair seems to be out of reach. But for some special people, the wheelchair is a companion, very important. As people get older, the use of active wheelchairs increases. Then, let's introduce in detail the active wheelchair.

Here is the content list:

· What are the types of active wheelchairs?

· What active wheelchair be designed to use in sports?

· How to use active wheelchairs?

What are the types of active wheelchairs?

There are a wide variety of types of active wheelchairs, differing by propulsion method, mechanisms of control, and technology used. Innovation within the wheelchair industry is relatively common, but many innovations ultimately fall by the wayside, either from over-specialization or from failing to come to market at an accessible price point.

What active wheelchair be designed to use in sports?

Sports wheelchairs are often used on the track, but did you think there was only one kind of sports wheelchair? A range of disabled sports has been developed for disabled athletes, including basketball, rugby, tennis, racing, and dancing. The sports wheelchairs used for each sport have evolved to suit the specific needs of that sport and often no longer resemble their everyday cousins. They are usually non-folding (in order to increase rigidity), with a pronounced negative camber for the wheels (which provides stability and is helpful for making sharp turns), and often are made of composite, lightweight materials. Even seating positions may be radically different, with racing wheelchairs generally used in a kneeling position. Sport wheelchairs are rarely suited for everyday use and are often a 'second' chair specifically for sports use, although some users prefer the sport options for everyday use. Some disabled people, specifically lower-limb amputees, may use a wheelchair for sports, but not for everyday activities.

How to use active wheelchairs?

Many first-time active wheelchair users do not know the correct way to use an active wheelchair. In order to prevent some accidents, we explain the use steps and precautions in detail. First of all, open the folded wheelchair, pull on the standing brake, and hold the tires still. Secondly, after people sit up and then put the pedal down, do not put the pedal first, so that people sit up when easy to step on the pedal and fall and other accidents; the last step if you have seat belts, put them on and release the handbrake.

Active wheelchairs are more inclined to people with arm strength, if the arm strength is not, you can use the electric active wheelchairs to replace them. If you are in the active wheelchairs business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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