Do you know anything about electric scooters?
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Do you know anything about electric scooters?

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Do you know anything about electric scooters?

Electric scooter makes use of high-tech composite materials to make the body, which has the advantages of impact resistance, corrosion resistance, toughness, not easy to damage, long life, and so on. Electric scooter for the elderly can be divided into 3 wheels and 4 wheels. In the design, the manufacturer does not simply apply the configuration of the original 2-wheel electric bicycle to the scooter for the elderly but separately configures the motor and controller for the mobility scooter. In terms of function, it is not the same as the 2-wheel electric bicycle, which should focus on the convenience and safety of the elderly. Next, take a closer look at mobility scooters.

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How to maintain the electric scooter?

Do you know anything about electric scooters?

Should electric scooters for the elderly be banned?

How to maintain the electric scooter?

The general instruction manual has instructions on protecting the charger. Many users do not have the habit of looking at the instructions, in addition to the problem after thinking of looking for the instructions, often too late, so it is very necessary to look at the instructions first. To reduce costs, chargers are not designed for high vibration resistance, so chargers are generally not placed in the trunk and basket of the electric bicycle. Under special circumstances, it must be moved, and the charging device should be packed with foam plastic to prevent vibration and jolt. Many chargers after vibration, its internal potentiometer will drift, so that the whole parameter drift, resulting in an abnormal charging state. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to maintain the ventilation of the charger when charging, otherwise, it will not only affect the life of the charger but also may affect the charging state due to heat drift. This can cause damage to the battery. Therefore, protecting the charger is protecting the mobility scooter.

Do you know anything about electric scooters?

The control mode of the electric scooter is the same as that of the traditional mobility scooter, which is easy to be learned by the driver. It is equipped with a dismountable and foldable seat. Compared with the traditional electric bicycle, the structure is simple, the wheels are small, light, and convenient, and it can save a lot of social resources. In recent years, the rapid development of electric scooters with lithium batteries has given rise to new demands and trends. Early electric scooter use lead-acid batteries, iron frame, the external type motor, and the belt drive, although smaller than electric bicycle light, but not portable, its important progress is folded, it is a combination of lightweight, compact, evolved into the compact light small folding electric scooter, widely aroused the concern of the city users and began to pace.

Should electric scooters for the elderly be banned?

The main objection that many people make to mobility scooters for the elderly is "unsafe"! Why is it unsafe? One is that the scooter is not crashworthy, the other is that not obey the rules, no license, no insurance driving. The fact is that if electric scooter instead of walking and walk in the path of the non-motor vehicles, everyone obeys the traffic rules, so safety is guaranteed.

Wisking healthcare Corporation, a company that develops a variety of mobility scooters, conducts extensive testing before leaving the factory to ensure quality. These electric scooters not only have great mobility, but also great endurance. If you are engaged in the mobility scooter business, you can consider using our high-cost performance products.

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