Do you know anything about wheelchairs?
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Do you know anything about wheelchairs?

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Do you know anything about wheelchairs?

Active wheelchairs are chairs with wheels that help replace walking . It is used for the wounded, the sick, the disabled at-home rehabilitation, turnover transportation, medical treatment, out of the important mobile tools, wheelchair it not only to meet the body of the disabled and the mobility of the more important is to facilitate family members to move and take care of the sick so that the sick with the help of the wheelchair for physical exercise and participation in social activities. An ordinary wheelchair is generally composed of a frame, front and rear wheels, pedals , armrests, brake device. Wisking wheelchairs based on ordinary wheelchairs, increase  standing movement. Let's take a closer look.


Here is the content list:

What is a sports wheelchair?

How to choose an active wheelchair of the right size?

What's the difference between a regular wheelchair and an active wheelchair?

What is a sports wheelchair?

Sports wheelchairs are not like active wheelchairs, which can be bought at any mall. Sports wheelchairs are not mass-produced, they are all targeted and tailored to the individual body type, the paraplegic position of the person ordering them, and most importantly, they are made of a different material than ordinary life wheelchairs. For example, the wheelchair basketball wheelchair, whether it's the frame, the tires, or anything else, is not made of ordinary materials. The metal bars on the wheels are confusing, soft to the touch, but extremely strong in impact. Basketball or rugby wheelchairs are the strongest.

How to choose an active wheelchair of the right size?

It is very important to know the size of your body in the wheelchair when you choose the size of the active wheelchair. Therefore, when measuring the size, you need to sit in a wheelchair. How much you measure on the chair will lead to the deviation of the data. In summary, the basic data measurement method for a wheelchair is very simple, but accurate and appropriate measurements require a lot of consideration. In addition, we have three basic principles for selecting wheelchairs: safety first; The user's experience is second; Finally, if the size of customized products cannot fully meet the requirements of the user's size, then consider using the optional parts to make up for the corresponding functions after selecting the wheelchair.

What's the difference between a regular wheelchair and an active wheelchair?

Active wheelchairs are generally lighter than ordinary wheelchairs, ordinary wheelchairs are generally more than 15 kilograms, and sports wheelchairs are generally less than 15 kilograms. Ordinary wheelchairs are the same size, model identical. Sports wheelchair should be customized, the first staff to measure the user's body size, and then send the quantity of good data to manufacturers to start customizing. Of course the most important is WISKING sports wheelchair is cheaper. In Europe, the price of sports wheelchair is 2000-7000 euro.

Wisking healthcare Corporation has developed a variety of active wheelchairs and conducted a large number of tests before delivery to ensure quality. These active wheelchairs are not only lightweight but also very durable. If you are in the active wheelchair business, you may want to consider our high cost-effective products.

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Including power wheelchairs,  mobility scooters and air cushion, but we mainly focus on developing wheelchair trailer and active wheelchairs.


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